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The World’s End, Drinking Buddies, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, Breaking Bad, The Bridge, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

Huge show this week! TWO full movie reviews: The World’s End and Drinking Buddies. Which one did the guys find disappointing? Which was Logan’s favorite movie of the year?

We’ve got the usual full slate of TV recaps too. Was Jesse’s revelation in Breaking Bad believable? How ’bout that SUV scene in The Bridge, huh? Logan finally has some good things to say about The Newsroom. And Ray Donovan makes us raise an eyebrow.

Plus: mini reviews of Kumare, Butter, Wreck-It Ralph, In a World . . ., and Hannibal season 1,  along with the usual weekend picks. Let’s rock!

Clear History, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, Breaking Bad, The Bridge, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

Do you need to be a big Larry David fan to like Clear History? How does the impressive cast stack up? Check out our full review!

And later: Breaking Bad is still proceeding at break neck pace in a Skyler-heavy episode. Bob actually kinda liked this week’s Newsroom. Logan had to watch The Bridge twice this week. And Ray Donovan is Ray Donovan.

Plus the usual mini reviews and weekend picks. Let’s rock!

Elysium, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, The Bridge, Breaking Bad, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

We have a first! Logan’s ambivalence was (marginally) more favorable than Bob’s disappointment towards Elysium. What was it? Is Blomkamp’s political statement effective? How does the acting hold up? Does the story work? Get it all in this week’s full movie review.

Then stick around for mini reviews, weekend picks, and now four(!) TV recaps, now that the gleefully anticipated Breaking Bad is back, joining The Bridge, The Newsroom, and Ray Donovan.

Blue Jasmine, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, The Newsroom, The Bridge, Ray Donovan

Sometimes you really just get a Woody Allen movie, and sometimes you don’t. Logan and Bob didn’t feel quite the same about Blue Jasmine. How does the upper class/working class division come across? Is the anxiety worth it? See which of us you might agree with more!

And stick around for Logan’s mini review of Orange Is the New Black and our weekend picks, and watch Logan treat The Newsroom like a hostile witness. (We also recap The Bridge and Ray Donovan; they get a much more conventional treatment!)

The Wolverine, Weekend Picks, The Bridge, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

Hey, X-Men fans! The Wolverine is this week’s full movie review. How does Wolverine fare in Japan? What does the ending have in common with Pacific Rim and . . . Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(!?!)?

And stick around for our weekend picks and a big slate of TV recaps: the Bridge, the Newsroom, and Ray Donovan.

The East, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, the Bridge, the Newsroom

Since none of the movies last week excited us, we reached back and chose the indie flick the East​ for our full review. Can Brit Marling write AND act? How does the movie fare against other summer movies? We break it all down for you.

Mini reviews are Killing Them Softly and the first season of Defiance. ​And we give our movie-heavy weekend picks.

​We finish with our recaps of the Bridge (yay!) and the Newsroom (meh).

Pacific Rim, Mini Reviews, the Newsroom, the Bridge, Ray Donovan

So much great stuff this week! Wondering how Pacific Rim fares without any big movie stars? How does it stack up against del Toro’s other movies? We start with our full movie review!

Then stay tuned for our mini reviews and three(!) TV recaps: the Bridge and the Newsroom are new this week, and Ray Donovan might be the odd man out in the now crowded field–let us know if you want us to keep recapping Ray Donovan.