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Pacific Rim, Mini Reviews, the Newsroom, the Bridge, Ray Donovan

So much great stuff this week! Wondering how Pacific Rim fares without any big movie stars? How does it stack up against del Toro’s other movies? We start with our full movie review!

Then stay tuned for our mini reviews and three(!) TV recaps: the Bridge and the Newsroom are new this week, and Ray Donovan might be the odd man out in the now crowded field–let us know if you want us to keep recapping Ray Donovan.

Game of Thrones, Mad Men, the Internship, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks

It’s the Game of Thrones finale! Shannon joins us again to wrap up the season. She sticks around to talk about a great Mad Men episode.

Logan and Bob then turn to the clunker of a movie, the Internship. (Short version: don’t see it.)

Mini reviews of the Sessions (2012), the Impossible (2012), and the Killing Season 1.

And, of course, our weekend entertainment picks.

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