Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mad Men, Arrested Development, Behind the Candelabra

Welcome to the new version of the podcast, now called Practically Culture! After spending a few minutes introducing the many changes we’ve undergone, we jump right in to our Mad Men episode recap.

Betty is back in full effect, and who’s the butter and who’s the margarine in Peggy’s life?

We give our first impressions of Arrested Development Season 4, and review the HBO movie Behind the Candelabra.

We wrap up with the current versions of Bob’s Must-See Movies list and Logan’s Must-See TV list, and give some weekend entertainment picks.

Let us know what you think of our changes in format and focus!

Episode 16: Star Trek Into Darkness

This week the guys get down and dirty with the movie EVENT: Star Trek Into Darkness. Is it a Star Trek Movie? A comic book movie? How is it as a movie movie? It’s a hard one to classify, and we come at it from all three angles. BE CAREFUL–SPOILERS!

But first we check in with Bob and his still new iPhone 5 and see how he’s liking it.

We finish with a new segment: Bob’s Mini Movie Reviews. Bob gives us the mini reviews he posts on social media, shares some of the buzz he generates, and rebuts the responses.


Episode 15: Can video games be art?

Bob’s back! And we get the lowdown on some recent movies he’s seen–the Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3. Smartphones come up, as Logan reviews his new HTC One and Bob decides which work phone to get.

Now that Logan’s had a chance to play some of the games we talked about in our last video games episode, we take the opportunity to consider the extent to which video games can be a creative medium on par with entertainment that sometimes aspires to art.

Oh yeah. And donuts.

Yes, I said donuts.