Monthly Archives: March 2013

Episode 11: Game of Thrones!

Get ready for season 3 of Game of Thrones with us! We bring back Shannon to cover everything you need to know to be ready for this Sunday’s premiere. Ever get confused about plotlines, backstory, or characters? Shannon’s there for us with all the geeking out you need to get back in a Westeros state of mind.

(Of course, if, for some reason you don’t watch Game of Thrones or aren’t caught up, you can skip this section and catch up with us for our mini obsessions at 1:03:40.)

We also hit on Bob’s very Gerard Butler week, Spring Breakers, polyphasic sleep(!), bacon and eggs, and Softies.

Episode 10: Bob’s Movies Preview, Inequality

Today we hear Bob’s personal list of upcoming movies to get you set up with what you need to be watching for the next few months. Is Bob still in on the Fast and Furious and Hangover franchises? Who’s the Nickelback of directing? Listen to find out!

On the way to talking movies, though, we tackle a topic that definitely¬†brings out the differences between Logan’s non-kooky libertarianism and Bob’s independent liberal lean: wealth disparity and inequality. But through the smoke we do finally agree on a couple Practically Ideal steps to take.


Episode 9: Mid-season TiVo Rankings

Bob returns! We get his response to last week’s episode when Shannon performed his cohosting duties. And Logan unveils his Tivo Rankings list: which shows to watch first. Along the way, hear about the FX Zone, the history of the reigning top comedy, and whether House of Cards is really TV.

We also give you the bare minimum you need to know about the sequester, talk Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Body, and Crysis 3.

Logan’s TiVo Rankings:

  1. Girls
  2. Justified
  3. Archer
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. Shameless
  6. New Girl
  7. Modern Family
  8. The Big Bang Theory
  9. Survivor
  10. The Office
  11. The Americans
  12. Community

Other interesting shows:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Vikings
  • Enlightened
  • House of Cards

Episode 8: Speaking of sexism . . .

Logan is pleased to be joined by guest host Shannon–Bob is away this week–to recap the Oscars, and especially to critique Seth MacFarlane’s performance. Was he just lame, or was he sexist, too? And speaking of sexism, we hit again on HBO’s Girls, hitting on some of the listener reactions to our discussion in Episode 6.

We also cover Ruby Sparks, and touch on a little New Girl, Game of Thrones prequels, and something called Bulletproof Coffee.