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Episode 3: Obama’s first term

Our third episode of the new season is here, and President Obama is on the table in light of his second inauguration last week. Turns out Logan and Bob aren’t too far apart on their opinions of him, despite one being a libertarian and the other leaning liberal. (Though we do start to get a bit . . . testy when it comes to health care!)

We also get an update on Logan’s smartphone decision and talk (the desktop version of) Windows 8, Moonrise Kingdom, and what non-sports fans should know about the Superbowl.

Episode 2: The Decline of Apple?

We’re still rolling with another episode! This week Logan and Bob bring on a couple guests, Chris and Nikk, for a four-person panel on whether Apple is declining from its 2000s heights and on the current generation of smartphones.

Logan and Bob also share some thoughts on Lance Armstrong and drugs in sports and weigh in on the week in pop culture. Logan shares the list of TV shows he’s watching, and Bob wants to see the Last Stand.

2012 Music

As promised in last week’s podcast, here are the links to my music of 2012!

First, the albums. This isn’t my favorite Jack White album, but I’m a huge fan. I might not be entirely rational putting it first, but, well, there it is. I’ll also mention that the top 8 are my “best of 2012″ in a more or less objective-subjective sense. But here were only 8 of those. So 9 and 10 are basically the top of my subjective-subjective list. I love those albums, but I wouldn’t necessarily argue too hard that your 2012 was incomplete without them.

Top Ten Albums of 2012 (Spotify link):

  1. Blunderbuss, Jack White
  2. Celebration Rock, Japandroids
  3. Kill for Love, Chromatics
  4. Swing Lo Magellan, Dirty Projectors
  5. Shields, Grizzly Bear
  6. Coexist, The xx
  7. Some Nights, Fun
  8. Heaven, the Walkmen
  9. Clear Heart Full Eyes, Craig Finn
  10. Transcendental Youth, the Mountain Goats

And then there’s the mixtape. This playlist, in a way, represents 2012 even better than the best albums list. It’s certainly a more fun listen. Top ten albums lists always feel just a little like homework. As I said, I’m a Jack White fan–he’s the only one to get two songs. Listeners will also recognize some of these from the podcast.

2012 Mixtape (Spotify link):

  1. “The Nights of Wine and Roses,” Japandroids
  2. “Cheap Beer,” FIDLAR
  3. “SIxteen Saltines,” Jack White
  4. “Generals,” the Mynabirds
  5. “Gun Has No Trigger,” Dirty Projectors
  6. “Speeddance,” Reptile Youth
  7. “Honolulu Blues,” Craig Finn
  8. “Elephant,” Tame Impala
  9. “Tonight,” Saint Etienne
  10. “So Long,” the Donots
  11. “Angels,” The xx
  12. “Broken Brights,” Angus Stone
  13. “A Night and a Day,” Pepe Deluxe
  14. “Into the Black,” Chromatics
  15. “Love Interruption,” Jack White

Episode 1: The reboot! And gun control

Welcome back to Practically Ideal! We’re back, talking about gun control in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. Logan and Bob explore the issue from the points of view of liberty, equality, and personal responsibility, and propose their approved practically ideal solutions.

The guys also let loose on Gangster Squad, the Hobbit, Les Mis, Girls, the Walking Dead, and coffee.

Links from the show:

Article: Kurt Schlichter,, “Let’s have that conversation about guns

Article: Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post, “The solution to gun violence is clear

Article: Megan McArdle, Daily Beast, “There’s little we can do to prevent another massacre

Article: Cory Booker, Huffington Post, “It’s time to emphasize pragmatic and achievable gun law reform

Article: Ilya Somin, The Volokh Conspiracy, “Reducing gun violence by legalizing drugs  

Archive — Episode .12: Immigration, CEOs at Apple and Google, 2010 Albums

It’s about time we did an episode on immigration, don’t you think? We take a look at the issue from our trio of Practically Ideal perspectives (liberty, equality, personal responsibility), and address some pros and cons in coming to practically ideal positions.

After that, we take note of recent CEO changes at both Apple and Google. How much of a difference will they make? Maybe a big one.

Finally, we present some albums of 2010: we each talk about one we loved, one that disappointed us, and one guilty pleasure. Oh, and one honorable mention each too.

(Released February 7, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .11: Arizona Shooting, More Verizon iPhone, Zune Pass, Midseason TV

The big news of the week was the Arizona shooting of Representative Giffords, but it’s hard to know what to learn from it. We decry knee-jerk, politicized responses to the tragedy and urge thoughtful, moderate ones.

Now that we know more about Verizon and the iPhone, we revisit the topic. While there are pros to getting a Verizon iPhone, there are also some things you give up moving from AT&T. Wikipedia gets a quick thumbs up. And Bob tries to talk Logan into getting Zune Pass.

We finally take a look at TV. Modern Family gets our consensus nod as the current best comedy on TV. Bob’s ready to ditch V, and Logan talks up Archer and Terriers.

(Released January 21, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .10: Back in Business, the Tea Party, Facebook and Apple, Holiday Movies

We’re back! It’s the first episode since our year-long hiatus.

We tackle the supposedly libertarian Tea Party, differentiating the legitimate aspects from the kooky ones.

Bob reports on Goldman’s large–and financially “creative”–investment in Facebook, and on the iPhone coming to Verizon. Bob thinks this won’t mean a whole lot for Android; Logan’s not so sure.

Finally, hear our takes on the Holiday movie season.

(Released January 9, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .08: Guest Host Adam Hansen, Obama’s First Year, Innovation, Albums of the Decade

With Bob on vacation, Logan is joined by Adam Hansen, an innovation consultant and serious music geek.

We get to know Adam a little, then dive right in to evaluating President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his first year as president. (Adam strongly supported Obama in 2008; Logan voted for him but was more cautious in his enthusiasm.)

Adam then gets into some innovation paradigms he’s been thinking about. Finally, we each talk about our top 6 albums of the decade.

(Released February 1, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .07: Finance Reform, New NY Times Revenue Model, Bing on iPhone, Golden Globes

Obama’s proposed financial regulations aren’t terrible, but are they motivated by prudence or populism? The NY Times’s new revenue model also has potential, but need to be pulled off the right way.

Bob reports on the latest in the Microsoft/Google/Apple frenemy love triangle: Bing may become the default iPhone search engine.

And we recap the Golden Globes, that less-credible stepsibling of the Academy Awards.

(Released January 25, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .06: Google and China, Conan and Leno, Twitter and Facebook, Midseason TV

Google has second thoughts on its presence in China after suffering a cyberattack, but is its response the right thing to do? And Conan and Leno, what a circus!

Twitter and Facebook seem to be getting more and more alike. Is this a good thing?

This episode also contains our midseason TV check in.

(Released January 18, 2010.)