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2012 Music

As promised in last week’s podcast, here are the links to my music of 2012!

First, the albums. This isn’t my favorite Jack White album, but I’m a huge fan. I might not be entirely rational putting it first, but, well, there it is. I’ll also mention that the top 8 are my “best of 2012″ in a more or less objective-subjective sense. But here were only 8 of those. So 9 and 10 are basically the top of my subjective-subjective list. I love those albums, but I wouldn’t necessarily argue too hard that your 2012 was incomplete without them.

Top Ten Albums of 2012 (Spotify link):

  1. Blunderbuss, Jack White
  2. Celebration Rock, Japandroids
  3. Kill for Love, Chromatics
  4. Swing Lo Magellan, Dirty Projectors
  5. Shields, Grizzly Bear
  6. Coexist, The xx
  7. Some Nights, Fun
  8. Heaven, the Walkmen
  9. Clear Heart Full Eyes, Craig Finn
  10. Transcendental Youth, the Mountain Goats

And then there’s the mixtape. This playlist, in a way, represents 2012 even better than the best albums list. It’s certainly a more fun listen. Top ten albums lists always feel just a little like homework. As I said, I’m a Jack White fan–he’s the only one to get two songs. Listeners will also recognize some of these from the podcast.

2012 Mixtape (Spotify link):

  1. “The Nights of Wine and Roses,” Japandroids
  2. “Cheap Beer,” FIDLAR
  3. “SIxteen Saltines,” Jack White
  4. “Generals,” the Mynabirds
  5. “Gun Has No Trigger,” Dirty Projectors
  6. “Speeddance,” Reptile Youth
  7. “Honolulu Blues,” Craig Finn
  8. “Elephant,” Tame Impala
  9. “Tonight,” Saint Etienne
  10. “So Long,” the Donots
  11. “Angels,” The xx
  12. “Broken Brights,” Angus Stone
  13. “A Night and a Day,” Pepe Deluxe
  14. “Into the Black,” Chromatics
  15. “Love Interruption,” Jack White