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Archive — Episode .12: Immigration, CEOs at Apple and Google, 2010 Albums

It’s about time we did an episode on immigration, don’t you think? We take a look at the issue from our trio of Practically Ideal perspectives (liberty, equality, personal responsibility), and address some pros and cons in coming to practically ideal positions.

After that, we take note of recent CEO changes at both Apple and Google. How much of a difference will they make? Maybe a big one.

Finally, we present some albums of 2010: we each talk about one we loved, one that disappointed us, and one guilty pleasure. Oh, and one honorable mention each too.

(Released February 7, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .11: Arizona Shooting, More Verizon iPhone, Zune Pass, Midseason TV

The big news of the week was the Arizona shooting of Representative Giffords, but it’s hard to know what to learn from it. We decry knee-jerk, politicized responses to the tragedy and urge thoughtful, moderate ones.

Now that we know more about Verizon and the iPhone, we revisit the topic. While there are pros to getting a Verizon iPhone, there are also some things you give up moving from AT&T. Wikipedia gets a quick thumbs up. And Bob tries to talk Logan into getting Zune Pass.

We finally take a look at TV. Modern Family gets our consensus nod as the current best comedy on TV. Bob’s ready to ditch V, and Logan talks up Archer and Terriers.

(Released January 21, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .10: Back in Business, the Tea Party, Facebook and Apple, Holiday Movies

We’re back! It’s the first episode since our year-long hiatus.

We tackle the supposedly libertarian Tea Party, differentiating the legitimate aspects from the kooky ones.

Bob reports on Goldman’s large–and financially “creative”–investment in Facebook, and on the iPhone coming to Verizon. Bob thinks this won’t mean a whole lot for Android; Logan’s not so sure.

Finally, hear our takes on the Holiday movie season.

(Released January 9, 2011.)

Archive — Episode .08: Guest Host Adam Hansen, Obama’s First Year, Innovation, Albums of the Decade

With Bob on vacation, Logan is joined by Adam Hansen, an innovation consultant and serious music geek.

We get to know Adam a little, then dive right in to evaluating President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his first year as president. (Adam strongly supported Obama in 2008; Logan voted for him but was more cautious in his enthusiasm.)

Adam then gets into some innovation paradigms he’s been thinking about. Finally, we each talk about our top 6 albums of the decade.

(Released February 1, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .07: Finance Reform, New NY Times Revenue Model, Bing on iPhone, Golden Globes

Obama’s proposed financial regulations aren’t terrible, but are they motivated by prudence or populism? The NY Times’s new revenue model also has potential, but need to be pulled off the right way.

Bob reports on the latest in the Microsoft/Google/Apple frenemy love triangle: Bing may become the default iPhone search engine.

And we recap the Golden Globes, that less-credible stepsibling of the Academy Awards.

(Released January 25, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .06: Google and China, Conan and Leno, Twitter and Facebook, Midseason TV

Google has second thoughts on its presence in China after suffering a cyberattack, but is its response the right thing to do? And Conan and Leno, what a circus!

Twitter and Facebook seem to be getting more and more alike. Is this a good thing?

This episode also contains our midseason TV check in.

(Released January 18, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .05: Airport Security, Nexus One vs iPhone, e-Readers, Big Love Premiere

The security theater being imposed on us after the Christmas Day underwear bomber gets the Practically Ideal treatment this week. Then we turn to our comparison of the Nexus One (an incremental advance for Android-based tech-geeks) and the iPhone (still by far the best choice for, say, your mom).

Bob declares 2010 the year of the e-Reader, and we break down what needs to happen for e-Books to break big.

Finally, we give our Big Love Season 4 preview!

(Released January 12, 2010.)

Archive — Episode .04: Conscious Capitalism, Google’s Nexus One and Chrome OS, Tiger Woods and Movies

I’ve been excited to get to Conscious Capitalism ever since we started the podcast. It’s one of my passions. Bob plays devil’s advocate with some good ol’ fashioned business school wisdom bringing the practicality to the idealism.

Bob’s Tech Report is all about new toys from Google: the Nexus One and a Chrome OS based netbook coming out next year.

The Tiger Woods saga finally gets bizarre enough that we can’t ignore it, and we also catch up on movies we’ve seen in the Pop Culture Update.

(Released December 22, 2009.)

Archive — Episode .03: Same-Sex Marriage, Afghanistan, JooJoo/CrunchPad, and Facebook, Muse

It’s same-sex marriage and the surge in Afghanistan today. We’re in favor of one, and not so much of the other.

Bob reports on the JooJoo/Crunchpad fiasco and Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policies. The pop culture update is about Muse and other great live bands.

(Released December 14, 2009.)

Archive — Episode .02: Progressivism and Conservatism, Google and Bing, Movies

We continue talking about our practically idealistic approach to libertarian politics, this time emphasizing what we do believe instead of only what we’re not.

Bob reports on two new map applications from Google and Microsoft, and we talk upcoming movies.

(Released December 7, 2009.)